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Our Story

King Valley Aquaponics specialises in growing seedlings through Aquaponics. We offer a diverse range of vegetables and herbs plus Potted Colour species. 

Seedlings are offered as plants not only in traditional pots and punnets but now Peat Pots making planting out easier. These pots are organic and biodegradable, you simply plant the whole pot directly in to the ground.

Whether you are a grower of herbs and Vegetables for a backyard veggie patch or want to plant out a whole field our aim is to offer everything you need.


Who We Are: We are a school teacher (Kaylene) and a web designer (Matt) both with a passion for cooking fresh food, who moved to the country from Canberra with the common mission of promoting the practice of sustainable food production.

We are committed to developing and promoting the most efficient technologies in the field of sustainable agriculture.


What We Do: We utilise aquaponics in a one pump designed system. Aquaponics is an ecologically designed food production method that produces its own nutrients by raising fish to feed plants and uses plants to filtrate water for fish. We combine ecology with our technology to maintain the health of our systems and increase the economic viability of our farm.


Where We Stand: We currently operate our farm "Emuvale" in Edi Upper - In the King Valley (North East Victoria) in the shadow of Mount Buffalo. 

We are growing a variety of plants from kale to basil to sell to local restaurants and seedlings to take to markets in the North East Victoria area. Find out what market here.

Latest News


We could not recommend this course enough for anyone who is interested in getting in to aquaponics or wants to increase there skills set. Both Kaylene and I both loved...

23-06-2017 Hits:4113 King Valley Aquaponics - Blog

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Mouse Melons

Kissin’ cousins to cucumbers, Mexican mouse melons pack a flavorful wallop despite their Lilliputian size. Its unique flavor, with hints of cucumber and green fava bean, its pest-free and rampant habit...

08-05-2017 Hits:778 King Valley Aquaponics - Blog

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Packing a nutritional punch and super easy to grow in spaces as small as windowsills, there’s a lot to love about microgreens. Simply put, these baby plants are vegetable, greens and...

04-04-2017 Hits:907 King Valley Aquaponics - Blog

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Garlic... why grow your own? Because it's healthier! Imported garlic in supermarkets has been sprayed with nasty chemicals to lengthen it's shelf life and prevent it from sprouting. Plant a mixture of...

03-04-2017 Hits:1003 King Valley Aquaponics - Blog

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Aquaponic Gardening: Growing Fish And Ve…

What if I told you that you could catch fish for dinner right in your own backyard? And if you did, what if I told you that right up until...

28-03-2017 Hits:1306 King Valley Aquaponics - Blog

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Some of our Easy-to-Grow herbs

Herbs are best in their own garden. The closer you can locate this to the kitchen the better — when you want a sprig of mint or couple of herbs...

27-03-2017 Hits:3437 King Valley Aquaponics - Blog

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Planting Garlic

Use Our Step-By-Step Instructions To Cultivate Your Own Patch Of Savory, Easy-To-Grow, Autumn-Planted Garlic. Before you put your garden to bed for the winter, remember to plant some garlic. Tuck a...

27-03-2017 Hits:278 King Valley Aquaponics - Blog

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A Natural Remedy For Motion Sickness

Ginger: A Natural Remedy For Motion SicknessGood For Alleviating Motion Sickness, Upset Tummies And Inflammation, Ginger Makes A Good Addition To Any Travel Kit. Ginger is a great remedy for motion...

27-03-2017 Hits:448 King Valley Aquaponics - Blog

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