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Black Mint - best bug spray ever.

As promised for all the people who came down and saw us on the weekend at Eastland Farmer's Market and Coburg Farmers' Market.and purchased Black Mint (Southern Cone Marigold), here are the instructions on how to make the best bug spray ever.

Harvest some mint and place in a pot ( A Thermomix helps)
Cover with water and boil until the stems are soft.
Continue to boil (add more water when need) until you see a slight oil/molasses/sheen on the surface.
Cover with water once more and bring to the boil, remove heat and leave to cool.
Strain off the liquid into a container and press until all remaining liquid is squeezed through.
Place the liquid back in the pot or Thermomix and bring to the boil.
Then place the liquid in glass contain whist still hot and seal with led.
Store in a cool dark place until ready to use.

To use it, dilute with water untill you can't see through it. Like strong tea.
Normally about a cup to 5lt is a pretty good rate. If you can see through it its too weak!

Dont spray on flowers as it will knock the bees. Spray only on ripening fruit and where you see infestations of caterpillas, green beetles, stink-bugs etc etc etc...

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